Join Chambers as she guides you through the process of making your book-vision a reality. She has experience with all parts of the book writing process, in multiple genres, and can shepherd you on your way to a printed page. Join a class or book her for personalized coaching!

"You have given me so much to think about and write about and organized some of what I have already been wrestling with intuitively."

- Cheryl Yasumura Marshall-Petricoff 

Hi, I’m Jennifer Chambers. I'm passionate about writing and helping others achieve their writing goals. Imagine being a 16 year old and listening in on a conversation that details a list of every “normal” life activity that you’ll never be able to do or accomplish in your life?

I overheard such a conversation, about me, after I’d recovered from a traumatic brain injury as a teen. It has been my life mission to cross every item off my "Can’t Do List" and inspire others to live to their fullest potential while living with unique circumstances. 

Do you want to finally write that book? Do you need help from someone who's been there, someone energetic, low-pressure and low-key, someone who can help you no matter what stage of your project you're in?

Choose from the three tiers of coaching if what you need is personal attention. Or, go self-directed and learn to write your story, then learn how to publish it. It's all up to you, with one difference -- the care and attention of an empathetic teacher.

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